Modern Trends to Implementation of Digitization in Cement Plant Industry

Modern cement industry is one of the most important industries in the world. Cement industry has a substantial impact on the global economy. The digital frontier that the cement industry is at now has opened a new world of opportunities. The time is right for every cement industry player to seize this moment and embark on a digital transformation journey. Digital transformation is one way to improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, increase profitability, improve product quality, improve skilled environment and increase lifecycle of capital asset. Digital solutions can help the cement industry become more efficient and profitable.

Digital transformation can be achieved by digitizing production, asset optimization and consumption processes in order to reduce downtime from process approval activities also improve overall production efficiency & quality. The integrated landscape, available in simple to use mobile apps with local language with is optimizing process performance, improving asset life and reducing overall cost. Implementation of modern iFactory complete digital twin solution into operational activities of cement plant that provides easy-to-use mobile interface to achieve optimal result in sustainability, cost efficiency, predictive plant maintenance, asset optimization. AI and iOT Integrated software solution to enable improved energy efficiency & reduce unplanned backlogs. Production optimization platform via mobile app allows AI based real-time raw material consumption and performance monitoring in the cement manufacturing plant via all devices connected to the digital platform on real time.

Digital transformation will make cement plants data-driven, predictive, and autonomous with proper deployment of iFactory plant digital solution that can improve operational efficiencies and, most importantly, run sustainably with user friendly interface. Our mobile based iFactory solution empowers quality teams, production teams, operators, technicians, planners and managers to access and act upon critical plant maintenance, energy, Quality and process data at any time from any location with Online or offline interface. Digital transformation is not an option, but is required by the cement industry, At the end of the process, a completely digitalized, highly optimized cement plant will emerge with guaranteeing maximum efficiency and profitability it must go through this phase of industrial development.

An intuitive mobile interface is offered by modern technologies. By Putting digitalization and resilience at the heart of planning for the future will help cement plant players to keep pace with others in the cement industry, achieving significant improvements in production performance with the @iFactory plant digitize mobile app. The benefits of iFactory plant digitization solution including revenues and other margin-impacting factors, are compelling the cement industry to take digital technologies power seriously. New technologies like machine learning, AI, IOT and digital twins are mentioned in the same breath as raw-mills, kilns, and cement plants.

Centralized process and plant planning via mobile app, enabling full visibility of production processes from the source to the end market. It allows for a real-time adjustment in yields based on demand, stock levels, cost and energy. It is an efficient way to adjust yield to maximize production without the worry of not meeting the demands. iFactory is end-to-end digital solution to optimize all production processes in the cement plant. Real-time visibility through optimization of all areas of the cement plant via iFactory plant digitized mobile app. Real-time optimization and significant process monitoring of the raw materials supply, power consumption, yield, kiln temperature and many more through mobile app along with connects all I&C systems of the cement plant via digital technology integration to further reduce costs.

Ready to use technology developed for each cement manufacturing plant data in local language iFactory mobile app platform to increase quality management thorough integrated to XRF, XRD and SAP by automatically data fetch, consolidate report from CCR, ERP, PLC’s, XRF and human data, Capture material demand, PR, REQ and PO using mobility. Through iFactory plant maintenance 360-degree solution leverage all information to a single platform like real-time notification, work-orders, document entry on real basis, purchase order creation and resolve goods receipt issues for comprehensive asset maintenance and maximize productivity.

Efficiently plan on daily walk by inspection via daily reminders and missed inspection report, to record inspection faults, workflow to immediate notification, approvals via mobile app, coordination with store activity all, GI, GR and transfer via automatic data sync with ERP through mobile app to get spare parts data, EHS management by record all safety incidents, record EHS request and manage at one place, Fuel management via asset tracking/refill/daily dip reading data also keeping records of all fuel logs and daily fuel reports online mobile platform. All information is managed via ifactory plant digitization mobile apps with multiple images, voice notes, signatures to significantly improve overall maintenance team productivity by Automatically capture the inspection location and ensure inspection is conducted.

To stay competitive and sustainable, the integrated digital iFactory plant maintenance mobile app for the cement industry that brings about a new way of working at all levels of production in the plant and within the company itself. you need to take advantages of the latest technologies adaption to Improved performance, Achieve Cost efficiencies, Operational improvements, overall improvements OEE, TPM, Lean Manufacturing through walk by inspection via NFC tags, Safety and compliance management with Beacon, quality management with process & quality equipment integration, optimal inventory management via barcode enabled, maintenance execution with condition & AI based monitoring, EHS management with work permit, safety observation & line clearance, production management with IoT, PLC & ERP integration.

All data collected locally can be accessed online and offline for easy analysis and real-time updates to improved performance in the cement plant. All information is available 24/7 through the mobile app, which can be accessed anywhere anytime by an authorized user. Virtually every aspect of maintenance management, supply chains, asset and safety lifecycles can be improved via iFactory solution that can be integrated overall plant data on mobile app in modern trends.

For the typical cement firm, all this results in increased safety, lower costs, and better overall efficiencies. It is critical for a facility to stay linked up with the value chain, to ensure its inputs optimize opportunities. More than 80% of large cement plants are already connected with its technical information system, which provides data transparency at plant, country, regional, and global levels. With the iFactory mobile app, one of leading cement plant is building the foundation to transform data into actionable insights that optimize the lines, minimize downtime increase production and overall increase plant efficiency. By integrating intelligent technologies, companies can move beyond automating factory operations to optimizing returns, improving the speed of market delivery and improving services.