IOT and Cloud CMMS - Predictive Plant Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is changing the world of manufacturing. Think about it, by understanding what’s happening in a machine before an issue arises, you can save time and money! By combining IoT monitoring with iFactory Cloud CMMS, you can continuously track machine health and on fault detection, your cloud-based software will automatically create maintenance request and notify plant maintenance team who will schedule urgent repairs. Machine uptime increases and across the organization people are more productive because they can spend less time waiting for repairs to happen.

Maintenance software integrated IoT is a smart technology that can help monitoring the condition and vital parameters of machines in real time. It can be used to stream data such as vibration, temperature, pressure and other parameters directly from machines to a cloud-based software platform that aggregates data from multiple sources and provides total visibility from one place. Create Plant maintenance notifications and track the corrective action in iFactory CMMS.

IFactory Cloud CMMS is a cloud-based software platform that helps you manage your maintenance data in a holistic way. The system will create maintenance request as and when required and also manages the repair flow. It will be notified to the maintenance team, who will then go to the machine, schedule the repair work and manage the entire repair process from one place. Take pictures of repair, record voice notes in WO memo and take signatures using mobile app.

What’s more, IFactory Cloud CMMS is powered by robust open APIs which allows integration with other software applications. You can capture data from multiple machines and create maintenance alerts based on engine sensor data. You can also send out alerts of specific issues for each machine to other systems such as remote monitoring system (RMS). With this, you’ll be able to connect with your suppliers for granular maintenance analytics. All this will help you improve the effectiveness of your maintenance procedures and generate new knowledge for your organization.

Top advantages of CMMS integrated IOT sensors.

Cheaper Equipment Costs

One of the biggest advantages smart machinery has over standard equipment is that they decrease the need for repair. Ensuring that you have a proper maintenance plan in place is an excellent way to minimize this cost. Still, when something does go wrong, IOT based systems are often cheaper to replace than their standard counterparts.

Flexible Cloud Data Storage

With IOT devices storing and analyzing data on your behalf, there's no more need to buy expensive data storage hardware just for making sure your machine's records are safe. The cloud provides an excellent alternative option with no upfront costs and flexible pricing plans that fit both small and large businesses alike.

Amplified Communication Capabilities

Communication between on-site and off-site locations makes IOT devices a powerful asset to have. Automated data collection and analysis combined with the Internet of Things can all be done remotely, with no need for physical presence or maintenance at your facilities. You can rest assured that your machines are always working in top condition thanks to comprehensive remote monitoring software.

Readily Checked Accessibility

Smart machinery don't take long to work, and they don't have long to make you money either. That's why it's vital that you use IOT equipment checking tools, as well as automatic processing of data recorded during machine operation. In the end, it's the data that matters most, so we need to make sure yours is always used properly.

Improved Data Accuracy

Any machine data collected must undergo rigorous analysis if you want it to be useful. Cloud CMMS software has enough processing power to conduct your equipment maintenance history in-depth, and produce more accurate reports than ever before.

Remote Support Options

IOT systems rely on a strong internet connection for both sending and receiving data. Many cloud-based maintenance management platforms come with their own set of dedicated tools for monitoring remote machines, just in case they were to encounter problems. Having a designated support team at your disposal ensures timely assistance whenever you might need it the most.